Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We've all heard the tales
of the wickedest souls
to ever revile this earth
but their evil pales
compared to the goals
of one who was destined from birth

to murder and maim
with true disregard
for anyone crossing his path
his devious aim
to leave people scarred
and bleeding from murderous wrath

he'll creepily stalk
the alleys at night
with menacing need to be mean
to victims that walk
unmindful of fright
and never again are seen

so if you are out
and strolling around
enjoying a life that's sedate
don't turn about
if you hear a sound
because by then it' s much too late.


Gigi Ann said...

I'll be careful.

fireandice said...

nice little caveat :p

Bethzea Finland Aniston said...


Taylor Kong Boomer said...


a proposition could lead to many conclusions.

Stephany ChuBB Hudson said...

fun and witty.

sharp reminders.

Indiana Rosemary Watson said...


rch said...

Happy Halloween!!

Virginia Davis Hargis said...


Helen Rice Obama said...

love the sharp eyes.

versebender said...

Cleverly crafted...liked the imagery

Nancy Perazil Federle said...

talented poem.