Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Back in the day
he was one of the crew
I saw him today
unsure what to do
there was nothing to say
so I just filed through
completely numb, lost in thought
among the tearfully distraught,

I hugged his wife
his daughter and son
their teardrops rife
with dreams undone
the worst of their strife
just now begun,
remembering what they once had
while burying a partner and dad.

My arid cheeks
do not reveal
what sorrow wreaks
or how I feel
but then the leaks
are all too real—
I promised myself I wouldn’t cry
goodbye my friend... goodbye.


Shirley said...

So sorry, Bob. It seems the worst part of getting older is that we are suddenly losing more and more friends. Although sad, this is a very beautiful write. :(

Anonymous said...

Very touching...it reminds me of loved ones I've lost and how when we least expect it...bang, it hits us: sorrow.

Anonymous said...

Lovely writing, Bob.

rch said...

unfortunate indeed :(