Monday, January 02, 2012


A poet's pen has piercing Is
to penetrate the best disguise
and sometimes it's abuzz with Bs
that pollinate the fruitful trees,
judicious use of yearning Ys
can help explain the compromise
while conquest of uncharted Cs
may broaden what a seeker sees.


Heaven said...

Very creative.. I like uncharted Cs~

Wishing you Happy New Year ~

Ms. Capricious said...

Innumerable Ys and piercing Is.. so true .. a poet has the power to do anything, despite being helpless about anything..powerful words

Dave King said...

Clever, witty and delightful. Have a great year.

Taylor Boomer said...

sharp, enjoyed it.


Carrie Burtt said...

Love it!!! Hope you have a wonderful New Year Bob! :-)

rch said...

Is and Bs and Ys and Cs and 22 other characters can give your writing character :^D - Thanks and Happy NY

Melissa Ridley Elmes said...

OK, this was fun to read. Thank you for posting it! I am also a fan of the "uncharted Cs" - Can, Create, Convey, Color - Cs are great! Here's my offering this week: Happy Rally!

Erick Flores said...

The pronunciation of the letters give this poem a playful tone, yet it is very serious. Really nice word play!
-Erick Flores

London Accountant said...

Love the rhythm of this. Clever as well - that first 'Is' caught me out!

tinkwelborn said...

cleverly done with wordplay….er, character play.
I like the metonymy used with ''Is'' (eyes), Bs (bees), Ys (whys), and Cs (sees)…cool.

Kay said...

So witty! Very nice.

Natalie said...

brilliant capture of a poet's pen and how it impacts life.

Glad to see you join poets rally.
hope that you have enjoyed it.

see you next week.

rch said...

Hey thanks it was fun and I still have to leave a few more comments to get my quota but we had two weeks so I figured I'd space them out a little.