Saturday, January 14, 2012

Always Greener

Preconceptions splinter
when we question what we know
but an upstate New York winter
without an inch of snow?

The earth is ever changing
as I'm sure we soon shall see
while we go on rearranging
our environment to be

it's a tenuous arrangement
that's allowed our lot to thrive
an ego fueled estrangement
our indifference won't survive.

I stated this a week ago
(just had to open my mouth)
now there's so much freakin' snow
I wish I could move south.


brokenpenwriter said...

Beautifully written AND the last line made me laugh out loud. Very nice! Bravo!

Daydreamertoo said...


We had to shovel out 3 times now (so far) but, I am not taking anything for granted. Last Jan/Feb were two of the hardest months we'd had in ages. So, still plenty of time yet to curse too much snow. Nice, fun read from you :)

Jan Freeman said...

Nice one, Bob. Nature often answers our calls in mysterious ways

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

moving south would definitely help.

rch said...

haha it's not that bad, just exaggerating for dramatic effect ;-)

Teresa Marie said...

Ha, too true! beautifully said. smiles, Terri

Unknown said...

really good environmental message told so beautifully but with a sense of fun at the end ...great balance ..thank you for sharing x

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking a few weeks ago how it didn't feel like winter yet (I live in Ontario, and we just finally got snow this past week). This poem definitely reflects similar thoughts I had! Great work!

Here's mine for the rally: <a href='">Ripples & the Anchor</a>

Anonymous said...

Whoops, must've typed the html tag wrong, sorry about that! here's a clean copy of my link:

rch said...

thanks fellow rally goers ;^)