Monday, May 23, 2011

Mortimer's Morsel - V

except for Mort who quickly sped
directly towards The Gap
scenarios of triumph constantly
exploding in his wishful head
until he had to slap
himself with fierce authority
so he could fully function properly.

Approaching the forbidden place
he chose to take it slow
and really have a careful look around,
he inched along until his face
was tickled by the glow
then jumped from being startled by a sound
and that was when his destiny was found,

for wedged within the crack he saw
a mountain of delight
dark brown and smelling mmm so very sweet
but how could his small digits claw
it free? Oh what a plight!
He struggled to obtain the monstrous treat,
defiantly denying his defeat.

At last he had to take a rest
and reassess his plan
there was just no way he’d get that thing to move
he’d have to head back to the nest
and mobilize his clan
he’d need their help to clear that dreaded groove
besides, he had nothing left to prove.

He scraped a sample from his prize
so others would believe
and rapidly began the trek back home
he was slightly rattled by its size
and hoped they could retrieve
the goods, while somewhere in his tiny dome
an anxious insect mind began to roam,

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