Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mortimer's Morsel - IV

as there was trouble on the hill
and everyone was tense
their source of food grew scarcer every day,
despite their uncontested skill
at combing the immense
they found their hunting parties had to stray
much farther and farther and farther away.

An agitated Queen decreed
that everybody’s share
was being cut to stretch their short supply,
they had to have enough to feed
the young within their lair
or else the colony would simply die,
so everyone was searching low and high.

Amidst the madness Mortimer
continued his crusade
convinced that he had found his time to shine,
there was no force that could deter
this dogged renegade,
he felt his spirit spurring on his spine
and kept repeating “Destiny is mine!”

but Augustine was also sure
his fate was realized
discovering the perfect place indeed
to tempt that dimwit Mortimer
(oh how he’d be surprised)
when Augustine jumped out with blazing speed
to craftily commit his craven deed.

One day as Mortimer prepped to leave
he heard a din outside
and saw a mob surrounding Augustine,
who begged someone to please believe
the bounty he had spied
way out beyond The Gap, that vile ravine
but no one had the guts to check the scene,

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