Thursday, May 05, 2011


At what extreme does righteousness
become a big self-serving mess?
We all have dreams we wish to ply
including those where people die
though few will openly confess
the rush they feel when bullets fly,

propelled by an ungodly lust
to persecute the less-than-just
or anyone whose claim to fame
exhibits an intent to maim,
but won’t remanding them to dust
encumber us the same?


Shirley said...

Hey Bob,

Very tastefully said and as always, your title speaks volumes!


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


I commend your very honest opinion and within your words,
I also ask, since when were we 'the givers and takers of life'?

A sad mess for the entire world and all of mankind.

Best wishes, Eileen

Paul Andrew Russell said...

Very nice, Bob. The self proclaimed saviours of the world taking lives needlessly. Sad.

I will just add, I don't believe a word of these 'death of Osama' stories. I cynically think they are just a pre-election booster for Obama. They are also a distraction from the real problem facing the USA, the economic meltdown. It is on it's way, and nothing will prevent it from happening.

Carrie Van Horn said...

I agree completely with your thoughts here Bob...the last line tells it all....Your words always ring true!

Poets United said...

You are a wise philospher and poet. Enjoyed your words and the style too.

rch said...

Hi everyone, thanks for 'reading me' and all the thoughtful comments, there is no one answer is there?