Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mortimer's Morsel - I

One day a cook was working hard
preparing someone’s meal
and had to get an item from the rack,
he reached beyond a can of lard
and bumped a bag whose seal
released a single morsel from the pack
to bounce across the floor into a crack.

“I don’t have time for this right now
there’s much too much to do!”
the busy chef emphatically exclaimed,
while wiping moisture from his brow
he stirred a pot of stew
that bubbled on the stove top as it flamed
to calm the stomachs growling to be tamed.

But once he finally locked the door
and every dish was clean
the tired man went home to take a rest.
He’d swept and mopped the dirty floor,
the usual routine,
yet in his haste had failed to do his best
and thus began a worker’s fateful quest.

For down below the floor there churned
a colony of ants
each smaller than a tiny grain of sand
and one such ant, though slightly spurned
by some amazing chance
would soon discover something very grand
becoming quite renowned throughout the land.

An anthill is a busy place
that needs a lot of food
in fact they go to search for it each day,
whenever they detect a trace
the bounty is pursued
by workers who live only to obey
except this one whose dreams got in the way.


Shirley Allard said...

Hey Bob,

Even though I've had the pleasure of reading the entire story, I am still eager to see it unfold here. It's truly an amazing piece of work!


rch said...

Thanks Shirley :D

Jeswyn said...

this is splendid your work through shirley.....would like to read part two....... :)

rch said...

Hi Jes, help yourself, most of my Mortimer posts were in May with the last few in June, all of which are in the archives. Thanks!!