Thursday, March 03, 2011


I’ve got my super powers
packaged right beside my Poe
and wiled many hours
devouring to and fro,

it’s hard to segue seamlessly
from someone wearing tights
to beauty captured dreamily
when thought attains new heights—

but all involved are masters
pouring passion from their hearts,
offsetting our disasters
through the magic of their arts.


Paul Andrew Russell said...

Lovely poem, Bob.

As long as people are reading, it's all okay with me; except for the hate crime/perverted/weird stuff.

Okay, it's not ALL okay but good writing is. lol

rch said...

thanks Paul!

Kim Nelson said...

And this is why I am a fan of the arts. So many possibilities. So many truths.

rch said...

Hi Kim, so true ;)

Dimps said...

Last para is fantastic :)

rch said...

hey Dimps not as much as you, thanks ;)