Thursday, July 01, 2010


The quantum mechanics of Why
is a theorem that none can supply
for humans have yet to command
the knowledge of something so grand
with data that isn’t a lie.


Mory said...

as an aspiring mathematician ( with interest in physics), i have always been fascinating my the abstract concepts of quantum mechanics.. the world is a game of probability like the quantum world.

Great Poem.

Carrie Van Horn said...

You boggle my mind with your mathmatical poetry! I love that you made us think about what we are unable to comprehend.
Awesome poem!

madison. said...

This is lovely.
You are lovely.
I adore.

Dimple said...

Hey Bob,

"the knowledge of something so grand
with data that isn’t a lie"

:-) Perfect mathematical poetry ;-)
As I always say... you have different subjects and you are fantastic...

Dimple said...

And dear as I am a bit busy in office... so there would be some delay in postin the comments... so, I have left comments on all the last ones that I missed :)


rch said...

Hi Mory, I have always loved math as well, thanks a lot.

Hi Carrie, thanks to you as well, I really appreciate it.

Hey Madison you are much too kind, I'm actually blushing :)

Believe me Dimps I know just how it is, that's why I disappear sometimes too. You are always too kind and I truly look forward to whatever comments you leave. Take care and don't work too hard! ;)