Monday, July 05, 2010

Ask Away

Deep within the breast of each question
there lies the soul of a child
fresh and eager to learn
and uncertain
about the prospect of change
but above all,
radiating the ability to adapt.

***Sorry I actually had a few days off and spent most of it outside. I hope everyone had a great holiday here in America and to others around the world I send good wishes. This poem was posted for a prompt on a new site I was lucky enough to be invited into. I hope it blossoms into a true community for writers of poetry. You can click on the link (in Cybernian Hotspots) called Poetry Blog Roll. It's run by a cool guy named Robb whose blog Burdens and Smiles is also linked to the right. I'm sure I will be adding more so keep checking. Thanks Robb and keep it up!***


Carrie Van Horn said...

Wonderful poem! Always enjoy your poetry! :-)

rch said...

Hi Carrie, thanks, I've enjoyed your also! :D