Thursday, July 15, 2010


I keep a jar of sweets
upon the shelf above my desk
a trove of fruity treats
for each and every passing guest

especially that dude that scrubs
the head but never cleans his paws
he stuffs his grimy stubs
within while gorge inside me claws

it’s way right up my throat,
so smiling I say “Have a ball!”
he empties it but stops to note
that I’m the nicest guy of all.


Dimple said...

How nice!!!

I liked it ... :)

"I’m the nicest guy of all."


Jingle said...


Carrie Van Horn said...

Love it!!!! You always make me smile! :-)

rch said...

Well, in light of my reaction I'd say his response was more charitable than mine, but I hate toilet flavored candy. Thanks Dimps, Jingle and Carrie!