Friday, February 20, 2009


Considering the vastness of an undetermined why
impatient to decipher hieroglyphics I espy
composed of glowing characters that captivate the eye.

It seems to be a message speaking urgently to me
but I can’t crack the code without some type of cosmic key
unless subconscious inklings can unlock the mystery.

This path of beaten stone conveys my often futile quest
to understand the knowledge that the heavens have expressed
so I can lay contentedly beneath the stars and rest.


Shirley said...

ahhh....the futility of trying to know what can't be known. Good luck with that!

Bob said...

Careful... your Muse demands recognition. Tell us more, please...

rch said...

Hi Shirley, thanks I know I need it! ;)

Hey Bob, how are you, I hope you're feeling well? I can't tell you how happy I am that you stopped by. I just wrote a new rondolet sparked by your awesome comment, thanks my friend and take care of yourself.