Tuesday, February 03, 2009


These letters that you’ve sent
make me loathe the time I’ve spent
in a void of discontent,

each simple heartfelt line
invigorates my spine
to somehow make you mine

and your images inspire
me to wiggle through the wire
with the data of desire,

but words cannot break through
this reservoir of rue
that roils twixt us two

and we will never clinch
for love is tough to cinch
when broadband starts to pinch.


Art and Poetry said...

It rhymes really well! and then you have a nice ending

Noah the Great said...

I really love how you've intertwined love and the internet, my two main interests.

Shirley said...

OUCH! A valiant gesture for some lucky lady but I guess love is an attachment that comes without a USB cable. ;)

rch said...