Monday, November 24, 2008


When traveling each day to class
the bus went by a little church
and every kid, except one lass
ignored the weathered concrete perch

where someone much less fortunate
would stop to pray for needed aid,
she knew that he was indigent
so secretly, her plan was made.

Her birthday came but she eschewed
a trip to splurge within the mall,
instead she bought a bag of food
and gave the greatest gift of all.



Dan said...

Great poem...befitting a wonderful story. It's nice to read something like this for a change! Thanks.

rch said...

yes Dan it was a definite boost to my morale.

Word Catalyst Magazine said...

I agree. Beautiful poem and uplifting story. A great way to start the holiday season.

Jo Janoski said...

Thank you, Bob! Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

this is so uplifting! and a wonderful poem-tribute to her!