Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Very Shady

The soldier battled viciously
conditioned to attack
but failed to expeditiously
get into the black;

the speaker vowed to spread the cash
like Jesus sharing loaves
and then a most resounding crash
sent them out in droves.

Is Lincoln proud of what we have
would Jefferson abhor
the fact that Pennsylvania Ave.
ain’t so white no more?


Anonymous said...

Heck, for all we know they could be related and would be proud as a peacock!

Anonymous said...

Nice.. Well I can say that we all went to bed in this part of the world thinking the world is a better place with a little more hope. I think we are really relieved to see that America really is able to see past a persons colour and that there is such a thing as the American dream. For the first time in decades I would actually feel like patting you guys on the back as you walk down the street and you may just be able to roam the world again without the cover of a maple leaf! To be honest, I was surprised at how emotional it made me feel - to the point of tears, and I know this is a common feeling around NZ and the world.
My one concern after watching the presidential debates was that both candidates seemed to think they were absolutely justified in using any necessary intervention in any country should they so much as imagine threatening the US's god given right to anyones oil.Imagine someone just marching in to the US demanding your beef because they have a right to eat it.
Well, that aside, congrats America and Obama. Here's to a brighter day.

Mike Carson said...

I think Mr. Jefferson would be very proud of us today...he was forced to compromise of some issues, but left us the words and power to fix it...we are still trying and today are one step closer.

rch said...

I must just be a cynical american but until he proves otherwise he's just one side of the same tarnished coin. And I feel we should leave everyone alone too ;)