Friday, October 31, 2008


The crows above excitedly fly
as vapor trails spell KAY across the sky
I’m past the point of asking why
so bow my head and sigh... goodbye.


Art and Poetry said...

It is really nice! it sounds like it was from the heart.

rch said...

it is, Kay was my Mom's nickname and it really happened

Mike Carson said...

Wow...I really like your writing and style! I lost my wife in June and have tried my best to let it out in my writing while remaining readable...a hard task indeed...well done on all of these...I was looking in to see how I should vote on the Top 100 site. You get high marks just for the links to the classic poetry links, but it looks to me that you get this whole poetry thing. ;)

rch said...

thanks a lot mike, I really appreciate your kind words