Monday, October 13, 2008


Despite the endless quirks to see
there isn’t much to ken
the universe will always be
and yes, it’s always been

no theory will explain the facts
or grasp the massive span
of wonder in these starry tracts
unknowable to man.


Shirley said...

...nor were we meant to. I'd rather see them cure something than know if Mars had water a billion years ago!

It is what it is although it sounds better the way you said it! :)

ozymandiaz said...

it is quite propsterous in my beliefe that we look at something billions of light years away and discern the history of time. i have heard tale of wise men who could imagine a stick with only one end.
science, it seems, falls short

rch said...

thanks Shirley and oz, I really appreciate your comments :D

Art and Poetry said...

I do like this! I feel the more we learn and understand everything the more prosperous we become.

paisley said...

and that just seems so damn unfair.....