Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Becky had bodacious bait
the kind I was anxious to squeeze
but she always made me wait
until I whispered pleeeease.

Laura was lovingly lewd
an overly luscious lass
her tresses were multi-hued
and she loved to gun the gas.

Sandra sang slightly off key
preferring to sketch at my pad
she drew her conclusion of me
then severed the something we had.

Terry was terribly thin
though smitten with bountiful lust
recalling our tryst makes me grin
despite being just one more bust.


HouseMouse said...

Hey, we're feeling playful. That's a good sign. And you wonder why your joints are cracking? Ha!

rch said...


Dan said...

Loved it. Light on content, heavy on humor! Just what I needed. Thanks