Thursday, October 04, 2007

532 AD (After Destruction)

Brave travelers through time and space
we chanced upon this cosmic place
looking about, disbelief on my face
I feel my pulse begin to race;
hurtling through the cold darkness
intent upon this celestial quest.

For countless years our ship did fly,
galaxies and bright nebulae,
black holes like a demon’s eye
all have slowly drifted by
the view-ports of our metal cell,
a steely cold oppressive shell.

The Captain\Father stands aghast
seeing the Promised Land at last,
he begins to mutter extremely fast
those sacred words of Earth long past;
that bright blue world that was destroyed
once nuclear weapons were deployed.

After sending a party to investigate
we determine it worthy to populate,
a rag tag crew with an unenviable fate-
a brand new race to propagate.
Did we learn our lesson well?
Only the passage of time will tell.


HouseMouse said...

Very well written Bob. I'd like to think we'd be a little wiser the second time around but we are human so we'd most likely start a war over something trivial no matter what planet we were on!

rch said...

Thanks and you're probably right