Thursday, December 22, 2005

Rites of Purchase

Christmas is a time to share,
showing others that we care;
celebrating Jesus’ birth,
promoting good will on this earth—
instead we mentally compare
how much presents might be worth.

Buying what we’re told to buy
spending without asking why,
compliant as a flock of sheep
digging holes a mile deep,
much too docile to defy;
being kept is seldom cheap.

Lining up to pay the price
trading tales of sacrifice,
grumbling about the bill
ringing totals higher still.
Why won’t the gift of love suffice?
Somehow, it doesn’t quite fulfill.

So rush out to your local store
when your cart is full grab some more,
you wouldn’t want to buck the system
or be a heretic to capitalism;
blindly purchase gifts galore—
do not fail the catechism!

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