Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Some will go fast, some will go slow
we all have limits how far we'll go
but despite the signs and painted lines
there will always be those who risk the fines.


Donna Smith said...

So happy to see you back! I don't make
It here every day, but enough to start worrying that you'd REALLY stopped crooning! Glad to hear that you are rejuvenated and poeting again.

Step up to your line
I'll put toe to mine
And when we step over
Man, that's called divine!
There may be a fine
But having no spine
Only hastens the painters -
Those painters of lines.

Catherine Boone said...

You have a great blog. This is one of my latest poem that I will share with you: Hope you like it. I wish you a beautiful day

rch said...

Hi Donna, thanks for your cheerful visits, they always make me happy I keep this blog going.

Hey Catherine, nice to meet you. I will definitely stop by and check out your work, thanks for nice comment, have a great day!