Sunday, July 19, 2015


The spotlight morning sun
made him dream of a home run
so he could finally ditch his wretched dump
but then he shook his head
each night approaching bed
aware that he had just advanced his slump.

And as he mulled his streak
his hopeful views turned bleak
till one explosive thought caused them to stir:
it doesn't matter how you swing
for such a feat will only bring
you right back to the same old place you were.

Hi all! Well it seems reality has finally intruded enough to end my run of posting something every single day. It was fun while it lasted but my mind has been too weary lately for serious contemplation of any thought for long. But, I won't stop so any readers that want to hang around, please do. I feel my best is yet to come, are you reading me?


Anonymous said...

Wise move good fellow. Reflection opens up new eyes to see the world through, and breaks give the soul a time to build. You will indeed come back stronger, keep seeking those new inspirations.

rch said...

Thanks crispy for your words of wisdom and encouragement, much appreciated.