Sunday, July 05, 2015


Why do people like annoying things
like a plastic gondolier that sings
instead of hearing Nature's song
that soothes exposure to the throng

the sun itself becomes a balm
that helps my mind regain it's calm
I am a crab and it's time I think
to make that crooning nuisance sink!


Donna Smith said...

Point one , Stanza 1- I often wonder the same thing when the beautiful sound of the breeze is "enhanced" by neighbor's annoying wind chimes.
Point two, Stanza 2 - yes, you are a crab, but the crooner needs to keep crooning.

rch said...

Haha very good! Sorry took so long to respond, took a little summer vacation, but crooning renewed. Hope all is well in Maine and also that you enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer.