Friday, November 15, 2013


The giant came calling (as humble as need)
and offered the minstrel a shot at the lead
but talks became heated (as words sometimes do)
which meant that the chance for advancement was through
until the performer (as seasoned vets will)
delivered a scene with remarkable skill
convincing the 'big guy' (as dense as a knob)
that he was the peon just right for the job.


Carrie Van Horn said...

If you are writing about a real life event...I hope you got it....:-) By the way, I am glad you had a link to the side about Dave King...I was very sad to hear about his passing. :-(

rch said...

Hey Carrie, I can neither confirm nor deny the depiction of anyone I know in my poetry (especially the boss) ;-)

Yes I was very sad about Dave and Bob and Jan, they were all so talented and nice guys too, hopefully their blogs will stay up forever.