Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Breaking Up

When I walked these fields there were weeds to my knees
and just enough snowflakes to make my feet freeze
the jacket I wore wasn't keeping me warm
as I battled my way through the crunchy brown swarm,

I had just left my mother and siblings at rest
in the seedy motel where I'd quietly dressed
each neuron exploding with the wantage to cry,
what caused my family to wither and die?

Trudging to school neath a sky with no sun
I felt my connections to life come undone
why play the part when there's no guarantee
that all I hold dear wouldn't just cease to be,

composure isn't always about strength of will
at times we grow numb from observing the kill
completely disabled by unforseen grief
divorced from the world by disturbed disbelief.

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