Friday, November 01, 2013


I opened an email from my Mom today
and hit 'Reply'
I don't know why
it's been 5 years since I watched her die
but there were things I just had to say

I started with: I really really miss you
it's been so long
forget who's wrong
my love for you was always strong
despite whatever we went through,

My life is still the same I guess
I'm always broke
my job's a joke
and ever since that fatal smoke
it's simply been a maudlin mess

The time has come to move beyond
this silent blight
and expedite
your grand ascension to the light
though in my heart we'll always share a bond.

I'm certain now we both will mend
the pain will cease
as we release
the guilt that interferes with peace
and then I clicked 'Send'.

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