Wednesday, September 11, 2013


One golden butterfly and three that are white
are flitting around in frivolous flight
and gracefully gliding on the air
between the blooms that sprout everywhere.

The summer breeze is crisply clean
which makes this moment so serene
it's hard to imagine such a day marks
the loss of too many innocent sparks

the victims of a pointless war
that forfeited existence for
possession of appointed sod
when we should be as One with God.


Donna Smith said...

It was a day that needs to be remembered. The day we learned we needed God's hedge.

rch said...

Thanks Donna, hope all is well with you my friend :-)

Donna Smith said...

Eyesight hasn't been what I'd like it to be for reading or writing much lately. Just healing the first eye after cataract surgery. One done, one to go!

rch said...

Well I'm glad you're on the mend and good luck with the next one, you'll be in my prayers.