Saturday, September 21, 2013

After Life

I wish I could tell you the pain will end
it doesn't, though it may dull
and just when you think your heart might mend
it comes right back in full.

The loss of a parent is more than a death
it's losing a part of your soul
and as they are gone, so too is our breath
attempting to stay in control

remembering moments we could've shared love
instead of our differing views
or praying that they are in heaven above
when hit with the horrible news.

We're given this life to live as we please
and seldom give thanks for the gift
it's all just a circle and we're the degrees
completing our loop at the rift

where we go to encounter our relatives
removed from the mortal plane
and bask in the joy our Savior gives
devoid of fear or pain.

***Dedicated to members of our extended family who lost both their parents recently, not at the same time but close and very unexpectedly, our prayers are with you.***


Anonymous said...

Gracefully put. Fourth verse really hit. Always appreciate your work.

rch said...

Thanks Jack, such a shame for their losses.