Monday, January 14, 2013


On Monday I'm moody
for soon I must face
an underpaid duty
in a pitiless place

by Tuesday I'm tepid
attuned to the trash
that tames the intrepid
with cufflinks of cash

then Wednesday gets weary
how much can one take
of lying while leery
who's real or fake

on Thursday I'm thinking
of starting anew
the habit of drinking
so I can pull through

and Friday is iffy
for nothing is done
and then in a jiffy
a new bout's begun.


Umair Butt said...

This poem is really unique, fabulous and amazing.
Hindi Poetry

rch said...

Thanks alot Umair, that is a really nice comment.

Lynn Proctor said...

omgosh---one of your best!

rch said...

Hey Lynn, thanks it was Monday morning inspiration.