Thursday, January 31, 2013


I wish I owned a kite-suit today
and a sizable ball of twine
I'd fly above the clouds of gray
to feel the warm sunshine,

the wind would whistle in my ears
much like the window sill
while I drift high beyond my fears
until I've had my fill--

I feel the urge with every gust
that lessens what I weigh
and now it has become a must
to make that suit today.


ariverflowsby said...

Don't forget the view. The view would be fabulous from up there.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


Make a second suit for me too:) I yearn to get far beyond the coldness and restricted feeling of winter...Seeing the sun is a must...Of course, it would be nice to leave those heavy weights of living behind as well!!!

Better days ahead:)

aelfbee said...

I wish! But you'd have to have a lot of trust in the one left behind to fly it.

rch said...

Hey Richard, it would indeed.

Eileen I'll need your measurements to get started on that suit, what color would you like? ;-)

Hey Libby, I didn't think that through so I suggest being hooked to a winch with a remote control B-)