Friday, November 02, 2012


The first and foremost thing you need?
A fertile plot that you can seed
but do be careful when you sow
to give each object room to grow

for certain species can exceed
the first and foremost thing you need
with gangly offshoots crowding out
the spots where future growth could sprout

and don't get careless with a hoe
you've got to know how far to go
the first and foremost thing you need
would be a truly spotless deed

which grants an uncontested right
to try and nurture something bright
that validates a trademark breed
the first and foremost thing you need.


richard said...

You forgot water!
Piss won't cover it!
of course,
if we drink enough

I've said enough!

rch said...

I like your dry humor :-P

Rachel Hoyt said...

This is such a great metaphor for life. I wouldn't want to piss on it like Richard. I'm sure God can send some rain... :P

rch said...

Thanks Rachel :-D