Saturday, November 17, 2012


The slightest sliver of a moon
has clipped the clouds nearby
a giant rosy-barbed harpoon
impales the twilit sky
to cause a wound inopportune
and soon the day will die
while wondering if it left any kind of mark
before, at last, succumbing to the dark.


Donna said...

I was looking at the moon last night and tonight, fascinated with it's crescent appearance. Last night it was fuzzy...with a halo effect. I was trying to come up with words to describe what I was looking at - ways besides it being a sliver, or crescent. Loved your description. The addition of "slightest" makes a big difference, and "harpoon impales the twilit sky" is very clever wording. Thanks for putting the images in my head with words I would love to have come up with!

rch said...

Well in the past I've described the new moon as a winking eye, a cup, and a parenthesis so I was trying something new ;-)