Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Bad Taste?

There once was a cook full of hate
for those that liked hash on their plate
and once he was bloated with scorn
The Hash Slingin' Slasher was born.

He didn't mind bacon or ham
and sausage was easy to slam
but hash took him longer to mind
and that always put him behind

The tickets would rapidly build
from people that longed to be filled
while he tried his best to complete
one order for someone to eat

it happened one challenging day
when every seat filled right away
a room full of hash lovers binged
and this is what made him unhinged

He flew from the kitchen enraged
like a beast that refused to be caged
his favorite knife flashed through the air
creating fillets everywhere

which he was reluctant to waste
so he got out his grinder post haste
and made a new special to chew
a mish-mash called Mystery Stew.


richard said...

Hey, I was there! What a mess!
Never going back, will tell ya that!

Lynn Proctor said...

omgosh---i don't think i would ever eat this guys hash :)

rch said...