Wednesday, September 05, 2012


We tilted and whirled
we laughed and screamed
and as we twirled
I broadly beamed
a man once more become a boy
through simple rites of carefree joy.

He held my hand
we strolled the grounds
awash in grand
events and sounds
"See the King of Rats!" a barker cried
we giggled and jumped on another ride.

The summer sun
had begun to drop
and I knew the fun
would have to stop
when darkness finally ended the fair
but at that moment I didn't care

I spent my youth
in that very same place
each contest and booth
a tangible trace
of the timeless truth
I saw on his face
that someday hence he'll pass along
an heirloom there amidst that throng.


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


The love and joy was palpable from your words. A wonderful recount of time spent with youth and revisiting youth as it was remembered and as evidenced in your photo. Absolutely lovely.

Eileen :)

rch said...

That pic was taken on the 'Tilt-a-Whirl' we had so much fun, thanks my friend.