Wednesday, June 13, 2012


There is no profundity
in endless redundancy
but sometimes we just can’t abstain
from rituals performed in vain.

There is no deformity
when questioning conformity
despite the impolitic stares
of those convinced their leader cares.

There is no immunity
to impudent impunity
of roguish types that make the rules
but feel to follow is for fools.


Lynn Proctor said...

very nice work!

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


A commonality world-wide with all the issues in your poem....


Sadie said...

Fools with tools
That's us
Follow the rules
And don't make a fuss
Just follow along like
good little sheeple
From the day you are born
'Til you're old and feeble
Don't look for your rights
It might mean a fight
Cuz them we are rewiting
So you will come to depend
And we'll teach you to bend
This way or that
Or whatever we say
And the you'll pay and pay
It once was chicago
But now it's the big government way
Another fool with not much in tools

Kate said...

Just wanted to say, that I really enjoy reading your poems even if I sometimes don't have anything to say. Thank you.