Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Winging It

There’s a cardinal in the brush
and if you’re careful not to flush
him out, he’ll show his blush.

He’s there beside that tree
and if we’re quiet as can be
we may not make him flee.

Now he’s flown behind the barn
and down beyond the corn
but at least we have this yarn.


Sadie said...

So, Mr yarn maker;
You have a taker
Here's one for you
It may or may not be true.

The Great Spirit had a meeting
With every kind of bird.
He challenged each and every one With
these words.
"The one who flies the highest
Will get a great reward;
The most beautiful song,
To that bird it will belong."

And so it was certain to all
contestants there;
That the Eagle was the bird to fly
highest In the air.

As the majestic bird began to rise to
Heights surpassing all the rest;
Suddenly there was another that flew
Higher than the Eagle's best.
It was the bird called Thrush
which had hidden in the
feathers on the back of the Eagle,
And brought embarrassment to the
bird That was so regal.

The Great Spirit heard of the deception
And so there was another "gift" that was
to go along to the bird that gained the
most Beautiful song;

The Great Spirit said to the Thrush,
"Because you were unfair
You will from now on hide yourself
In the deep wood with care
And only sing your song within the evening
That's how the bird called "Wood Thrush"
Received the melodious tune....and
Why it is almost never seen by me or
by you.

rch said...

Yarns are for stretching
or flooring the fetching
but when they inform us
the gain is enormous.