Monday, September 26, 2011

Happiness is Free

Feel like a song today (yes there is music written for this)

The morning sun burns off the mist
that gently sits
upon the softly rolling hills
the dew is shining on the grass
and deep inside my conscience asks
why I feel so unfulfilled
the clouds are high and white and clean
it’s like I’m living in a dream
but I know this is my world
because when I take a look around
there’s little joy to be found
and I can’t make it better with my words.

How come nothing’s ever simple
The way that it was meant to be
Why get caught up in your sorrow
Don’t you know my friend that happiness is free?

Now the sun is higher in the sky
its golden rays caress my eyes
and warm the morning air
the sky is blue, the earth is green
life was never so serene
it makes me wonder why we need to feel despair
because life is just an empty slate
filled with things that we create
why not make some happiness
life is good and love is free
that is good enough for me
but people fight nevertheless.


The day is done, the sun’s gone down
the planets and the stars abound
in a clear evening sky
I don’t know where the world went wrong
if only we could get along
I think we’d be pleasantly surprised.



Shirley Allard said...

I think so too. Now, I'd like to hear it with the music...I think I'd like it! ;)

rch said...

it's mellow