Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Mohinder McFadden
the ‘Irish Alladin’
was a whiz at pugilistic affairs
he was brutish and burly
his mustache was curly
and he mustered the meanest of stares

he was born with no money
no milk or no honey
by a gym on the lower east side
as he slowly got bigger
he learned how to trigger
a jab and to gracefully glide.

By his teenage years
he was collecting arrears
for a mobster named Mikey The Knife
then fought with his zipper
and knocked up a stripper
who glumly became his first wife,

but he was so cocky
their union turned rocky
before they could utter ‘I Do’
and it didn’t take much
for them to lose touch
admitting the marriage was through.

While romance was waning
old Mo began training
in order to have his first bout
he wasn’t indulging
his muscles were bulging
a victory seemed without doubt.

His opponent was wiry
with eyes that were fiery
and a hook that could level a house
by the end of the fight
he was curled up in fright
like an ailurophobic mouse.

His foes were all eaten
and Mo stayed unbeaten
the longest unstoppable champ
till a knockout at ringside
looked at him doe-eyed
and somebody snuffed out his lamp.

Mohinder McFadden
the ‘Irish Alladin’
was a whiz at pugilistic affairs
a mythic contender
who battled for splendor
until he was caught unawares.


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


This is absolutely wonderful. Written with such insight, that it was very easy 'to see' the whole story unfold!

I'm not sure that I'd ever like to encounter Mohinder McFadden!

Best Wishes, Eileen

rch said...

Thanks Eileen, I made the name up a couple of years ago and finally got around to writing something, I could have gone on and on but didn't want it to drag.