Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Like hogs at the trough
we’re slaves to our sloth
inhaling inedible slop
such good little swine
we idle in line
while corporate clowns cleverly chop
just steer yourself clear till they stop.


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

I agree with your words. There are generations of children in the world who never eat at home. Or even when at home, eat good home-cooked food.
Many parents do not recognize or even know the names of basic vegetables.
The corporate clowns, are truly laughing!
Best Regards,

Paul Andrew Russell said...

Nice piece of writing, Bob.

They know how to control us; crap food, booze, reality TV and fear etc. A heady combination indeed.

be not blind said...

Wow, well written! And how true.

rch said...

I'm so guilty of doing it myself, just the other night I had no energy to cook and couldn't taste anyways (I've got a cold) so I went to McDonalds and thus this little nugget was born. Thanks Eileen and Paul :)

Hey bnb, nice to see you, stop by more often.