Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Sixty nine days without sun
or open expanses to run
the dust that they breathed
while fearfulness seethed
reminded them soon they’d be done.

Sixty nine days beneath sod
that once they so carelessly trod
no bones to exhume
just babes from the womb
reborn through the graces of God.


Carrie Burtt said...

Nothing quite as amazing as the miracle of the sweet delivery of your poem Bob! :-)

Shirley said...

A beautiful tribute, Bob. I'm still watching the rescue efforts... it's amazing!

rch said...

Hi Carrie, well it was more of a symbolic rebirth for those miners.

Hi Shirl, yes it's cool. The reporter on CNN last night used the term rebirth, wonder if he is reading me? ;)

Shirley said...

Ha, I thought the same thing! I was wishing I could send them your poem! It's so rare to see the media cover something that doesn't end in tragedy... we need more of that. I couldn't stop watching until the last man was out of the hole! Maybe I will send them your poem. ;)

Jan Freeman said...

Hi Bob,
A nicely worded tribute to these heroes of the underworld :-)

Olivia said...

very well expressed.. well done.. xox

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Dimps said...

Beauty :)
A great tribute ... just lovely!
Great to see that your followers have increased!