Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I’ve wasted many words but never said
a thing discerning minds would care to read
and now it seems the urge to share is dead;

it’s like a withered skin I had to shed
a ghostly husk of self-indulgent greed
that wasted many words but never said

one single statement suitable to spread
which prompts my inner critic to concede
that now the urge to share should just lay dead.

These empty thoughts that bounce inside my head
and ricochet with ever slowing speed
are wasted words that never will be said

for no one truly cares if someone’s bled
provided they were not the one to bleed—
so now you see, the urge to share is dead.

Can sustenance be something more than bread,
could symmetry fulfill this nagging need?
I’ve wasted many words but never said
and now it seems the urge to share is dead.


Noah the Great said...

It's funny how we both feel the same way, like we're on some level of connection.

I'm so lost right now, and I feel I don't have a home. My words have left me, though I continue to churn on. Perhaps, sometime the muse will return, but I'm so heartbroken, she'll probably forget what my eyes look like without tears.

Good write.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Is it really dead, or just taking a rest. Is it greed or simply a need to be heard, a slave to the written word.

Dig your rhyme!

Anonymous Poet said...

I hope this isn't really true, that you have no desire to write and share.

But, I have to say, I know the feeling. I took some time off from writing b/c I didn't feel I had anything new and fresh to say.

If you need to take a break, go ahead. You're entitled.

Just come back, eventually. Whenever you are ready . . . .

rch said...

Noah, I've always connected with your writing and am sure it will continue, as will mine, albeit more sporadically. Keep the pen handy!

Hi Jo, thanks for your support!

Hey AP, boy you sure did take a break but it's great to have you back :)