Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Some pleasures that I’ve sought to shun
enjoyed would see my world undone
for am I not my mother’s son—

aware the bottle’s less than half
but daily forcing out a laugh
insisting on a full carafe;

and though it caused her cruel demise
I’ll snuggle up with all my lies
until the fire takes my eyes

unless I can remain stiff willed
embracing passions unfulfilled,
a spirit stronger when distilled.


Noah the Great said...

This has a great sadness intertwined in the words; perhaps, it's the silence between.

Dimple said...

It seems true emotions are portrayed thru the medium of this poem...

Great verbiage (like always) and last para is the killer!


rch said...

Hey Noah, yes still much unresolved in this, thanks.

Hi Dimps, thanks to you again, I'm glad you found my site and I must add in your link.

Anonymous Poet said...

This piece has a somber, haunting quality. The contrast between the subject matter and the nature of the expression also strikes me. To me, this piece is a dense nugget of intesity expressed in un-complicated language. Together, these two aspects make for an interesting tension.

(Interesting use of "carafe" in a poem, BTW. Can't recall ever seeing that word used in verse).