Thursday, July 30, 2009


Tonight I’ll flirt with Destiny
and every circumstance
I know will get the best of me
if given half a chance,

but will it hold an audience
with dialogue that’s dry?
I’ve got to act with confidence,
we all have plots to ply.

There is no lasting happiness
just moments more serene
that counteract the craziness
before the final scene.


Dimple said...

One of your finest creations!
The way you give climax to your poems, trust me that is the strongest point :)

And no doubt about the amazing verbiage you use! Hats off to your vocabulary :)

Great work done... Take care


Noah the Great said...

I absolutely love this; let's go out in a fucking bang, though.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Great rhyme here! I agree with Noah let's all go out with a bang!

Word Catalyst Magazine said...

Well, hopefully your date with Destiny was as good as going out with a bang! Great writing as always.

rch said...

Hey Dimps, thanks and you take care too!

Noah and JO I totally agree!

Shirley, that was the whole point of the date! ;)

Anonymous Poet said...

Reminds me of Shakespearean meditations on "All The World's a Stage" and "The Seven Ages of Man."

But quite as grandiose; more succinct.