Monday, August 11, 2008

Felungulous Fletch

Felungulous Fletch
the ridiculous wretch
was a curious codger from Kent
shacked up in a shed
with no room for a bed
but extremely affordable rent.

Felungulous feared
strategically steered
around anything he couldn’t grasp,
with a visage quite vexed
he’d prattle, perplexed
like a button unable to clasp.

Felungulous frowned
as he woefully wound
his way through the sweltering swamp
to forage for food
be it fresh or pre-chewed
his hunger cared little for pomp.

Felungulous Fletch
the ridiculous wretch
was immune to the world and its ways
too placid to plot
he lived with his lot
all alone for the rest of his days.


Shirley said...

Awww...poor guy! This is excellent!

rch said...

Felungulous thanks you

paisley said...

you have been on a rhyming roll ova here... this was great... i think i used to date him.......