Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So many come, so many go
so many seem to think they know
but no one ever gets it right
though certain quips show some insight:

the counter clicks, the counter drops
the traffic waivers then just stops
and still this fierce unsounded dream
floats aimlessly across the stream.


Shirley said...

Dreams are elusive little creatures. You have to keep chasing them to keep them in sight! That doesn't mean they're out of reach.

Dan said...

Bob, your cadence and rhyming abilities are unrivaled! Now I could use some wisdom on keeping dreams watertight. Bailing frantically with the aid of a shot glass seems futile!

paisley said...

this bring to mind the moment i realized,, that all of the questions left unanswered in my life,, were the same questions that had gone unanswered for millenniums... the chances that i would be the chosen one and recieve the answers,, being right in between few and none, caused me to feel quite adrift.. quite lost.. i am taken there once again by these words....

rch said...

So true my dear Shirley ;)

Well hey Dan, thanks for your kind words, just batten down the hatches my friend!

Hi paisley, just a little pensive yesterday, thanks for the thoughtful reply, I really appreciate it.