Thursday, August 21, 2008


At times it happens hurriedly
a banquet in a blur,
sometimes it’s served up sloppily
and spillage will occur;
when it trickles tantalizingly
a tidbit at a time
you aspire agonizingly
to bag that tasty rhyme.


Gerald Galindez said...

hi rch, this is really nice
i can relate to it.
its one of the feelings when i wrote my poetry...


take care.

Shirley said...

Delicious! Can I get that to go?

I like the way you combine your love of cooking with your love of words.

Dan said...

Have to agree with Shirley, Bob. Thought the poem was going to center around resturant/catering business. Suppose serving up a dinner and serving up a meal for the mind are more closely related than we think...I hate it when all I have to serve are leftovers. Nice work!

rch said...

Hey gerald, thanks, stay hungry!

Hey Shirley, a recipe for success?

Hi Dan, couldn't help myself.

Shirley said...

Why not? Cooking poetically. I can see you now on public television reciting "The Celery Stalker" while chopping away! Talk about food for thought... ;)