Sunday, September 14, 2014


The vultures ventured towards
the craggy frothy fjords
to gorge upon the sacrificial feast
a young and fetching maiden
appropriately laden
with chains securely fastened by a priest.

The sky was dark and gloomy
as prophets promised doom, "We
all shall face a judgment for our sins!"
And when the world was shaken
no one was mistaken
to think that this is how the end begins.

But through the cloudy cover
appeared her frenzied lover
upon a beast with bat-like wings that shrieked
he spied her on the altar
and shouted, "Do not falter!"
while she just stood there shaking, terror piqued.

Then suddenly the ocean
completely ceased all motion
as tension fairly crackled in the air
and then a gross leviathan
as massive as a thousand men
burst forth and spray exploded everywhere.

It's tusks were long and jagged
with oily scales and ragged
strands of seaweed hanging all about
it spied the Virgin offer
and oriented towards her
malevolence in mind without a doubt.

Her champion was ready
and told his steed "Be steady!"
descending to commence his first attack,
he bore a lance of silver
from the goddess of the river
enchanted to destroy this maniac.

The battle was ferocious
and wounds that were atrocious
were suffered by both parties in the fight
their blood began to mingle
and there was not one single
person unaffected by the sight

which made the crowd more willing
to see a proper killing
and they robustly cheered the hero on
who wasn't quite as battered
as armor sorely tattered
that earlier he had had the sense to don.

The injured hulk was slowing
an opening was showing
and then the suitor thrust with all he had,
his lance (which was embedded)
struck true, and thus the dreaded
creature died and everyone was glad

except for its intended
victim who extended
her arms towards the bloody mess and screamed
"Why were you so zealous?
You were only used to make him jealous!"
And he said, "Well, that wasn't what it seemed."


Shirley Allard said...

Hey, welcome back. This is awesome! :)

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