Wednesday, September 10, 2014

As Intended

Since it was global Forgiveness Day
he muttered "What the hey"
and made the call he'd stalled for many years
but when he did get through
his anguish only grew
which prompted him to spill remorseful tears

for someone there replied
that his mother had quietly died
of cancer just about a year ago
she never let anyone in
on the fact that she had kin
and that was why they didn't let him know.

He whimpered as he heard
where she had been interred
then went there to at least pay some respect
he kneeled before her grave
and then began to cave
ashamed of irresponsible neglect

but as he loudly sobbed
the air around him throbbed
with energy that made his hair stand straight
and suddenly he knew
that she was coming through
with something very poignant to relate

"My Son" he heard her say
"I'm glad you came today
for now my weary spirit can move on
I'm leaving to be free
as you must also be
I love you!" And with that her soul was gone.

He rose with a sigh
and whispered "Goodbye,
may peace be yours forever mother dear."
Forgiveness had begun
for his failings as a son
and useless guilt began to disappear.

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