Friday, December 27, 2013


When mired in The Bog of Mediocre
beware the stagnant pools that suck you down
and any storm predicted as a soaker
the lowest ones are usually first to drown

watch out for nettles and those noxious gasses
produced when things once living start to rot
it happens when you're stifled by the masses
endeavoring to dominate the plot

and stay away from glens that look inviting
that's where complacent cattle congregate
try looking for a pathway expediting
your escape to where new lands await.


Paul Andrew Russell said...

Very nice, Bob.

There are a lot of sheeple in this world and we do appear to be dumbing down as a race; mediocrity rules.

Now is the time to start worrying, before we all indeed drown in that pool. But as long as we keep thinking, instead of being led around by the nose, we'll be okay.

Patrick Stahl said...

Very nice. Is this supposed to be a sort of commentary on prose? It sounded to me like a bunch of plot structure fragments.

Donna Smith said...

As the older thinkers die off, the complacent will multiply and all will be so much more easily managed.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

All good advice.

rch said...

Hey Paul, so true, long live free will and individuality!

Hi Patrick, I guess it could apply to writing though it wasn't intended that way ( consciously at least)

Yes Donna, I keep saying the world will be in trouble when these kids are running the show

Thanks JC!